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Project Temporarily Stalled
Written by Frank Gore   
Saturday, 26 November 2005 13:48

As many of you have noticed, things are progressing a little slowly lately. But worry not! The Project is alive and well! Some financial issues have come up, and other projects have taken precedence in the meantime.

The engine block is still at the machine shop. The machinist can't complete the work until I have a new rotating assembly to measure the final dimensions. So until there's enough money for a complete rotating assembly, the engine side of the project remains on hold.

As for the body part of the project, the main work garage is currently taken up by our project leader's 1993 GMC Suburban 2500 2WD that's undergoing a complete paint job. The other garage we work in is currently taken up by a customer's 1956 Buick Special. But once work on either of these vehicles is complete, we'll resume progress on the Trans Am and bring you all the updates as things move forward!

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