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Written by Frank Gore   
Sunday, 23 March 2003 23:00

Welcome to our new site! We've been working tirelessly on this web project for almost a year now, and it's finally live! We hope the information contained here will help you along in your own Pontiac project.

To start with, this site documents the evolution of my own build project, a 1978 Pontiac Trans Am. Each and every step of the build project is recorded, complete with pictures, and documented on this site so other Pontiac enthusiasts can benefit. This is not intended to be a restoration but rather a custom build. However there's also plenty of information included for those looking to do a full restoration.

As far as site features go, we've implemented a compression ratio calculator to help you determine the static and dynamic compression ratios of your engine based on certain criteria. While this may be nothing new, we've also gone to great lengths to provide you with all the charts and specs to help you figure out the right numbers to use for accurate results. These specs were gathered from many information sources, both printed and online, to ensure that they're all accurate.

Speaking of specs, this site is full of them, for all Pontiac engines from the 1950's to the last of the 400 blocks in 1979. If there's a specification you're not sure of, you can confirm it easily with our detailed charts.

And this is just the begining! The site will continue to evolve over time, even long after the Trans Am project itself is completed.

If you need anything else related to Pontiacs that can't be found on this site, we've included a complete list of other Pontiac resources to help fulfill your needs. From online stores to message boards to printed material, it's all listed here for your benefit.

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